ICIC 2024 Registration

Registration Fees (注册费明细)      Copyright Form (版权表)

Online Registration System (在线注册系统)


Registration Procedure

   All participants for ICIC 2024 must make the timely registration. Each paper must be accompanied by at least one individual. Mandatory registration and the registration fee must be paid by May 25, 2024. Without a dedicated registration, the paper can not be included in the International Journals or Springer Proceedings.


  1. Please carefully revise your paper until not any problems are existing, then carefully typeset your paper by following Springer’s WORD2007 (In the last row of http://www.ic-icc.cn/2024/Instru ction.htm, you can find Word 2007 template). Note:Please DONOT use any other softwares like LaTex to edit your paper!!!

  2. Please fill your paper Title and Authors Names into the Copyright Form and sign your name (in English and handwriting), then scan it into PDF file.

  3. Please make the payment of registration fee by PayPal, then write "ICIC2024 + Paper ID Number" on the Receipt and scan the Payment Receipt into PDF file.

  4. The registration fee should not include your local bank and Chinese bank transaction fees. So, when you are making the registration, you should send enough payment!

  5. For WeChat payment, the handling fee rate for WeChat, 0.04%, must be borne by the author.

  6. As soon as the registration is done, NO refunds are available.

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