ICIC 2024 Award

ICIC Awards

ICIC awards two main categories: ICIC Outstanding Leadership Award and ICIC Best paper award

  • ICIC Outstanding Leadership Award

  • ICIC Outstanding Award is given to PC Member(s) or Organizing Committee member(s) with outstanding performance and service to ICIC in the last years, based on the following key aspects:

    1.Consistency of her/his service to ICIC
    2.Regular attendance to ICIC conference
    3.Commitment to service

  • ICIC Best Paper Award

  • ICIC Best Paper Award is given to the paper(s) with the best quality, based on the following key aspects:

    1.Quality of presentation during the conference
    2.Technical quality of the paper
    3.Overall rating given by the chair of the session

    Winners of each award will be announced during the conference.